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What's Happening in front of MY house?!

RH Batterman will be doing some work around the town, for their upcoming project with Edge Broadband. This is part of them laying out their infrastructure so that when fiber comes to the area, they are set and ready to go. If you think your house in affected please see projects below. 

This works best if you copy the link & paste it into a new window in your browser. 


JN70E – Prairie Rd

​pdf icon 34929 - JN70E Local Roads.pdf

3M01E – Potter Rd, Kniep Rd, Town Line Rd, Hargraves Rd, Valley View Rd, Colbo Rd, and Church Rd.

​pdf icon 34880 - 3M01E - LOCAL ROADS.pdf

Both projects are scheduled to start around June and should be completed by the end of the year. If there are questions or concerns, please email the clerk direcly.