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We Need YOU!! For the East Troy Fire District Board

Spring Prairie Residents:


The East Troy Fire District has recently approved for 2 commissioners from Spring Prairie to sit on the District board.  Chad  Kreft has been our commissioner for the past several years. 

Mike Dominas has volunteered to be the 2nd commissioner  on the District board.  However we have recently learned that Chad will be stepping down as one of the town’s commissioner  due to a new job.

Therefore we now have an open seat on the fire district board. I am asking residents of Spring Prairie if there is anyone that would like to fill that vacancy.

The board meets once a month on the 3rd Tuesday for approximately 30- 45 minutes.

Having 2 commissioners  from the town now gives us an equal say when items need to be voted on.

Please contact me if you have an interest in filling this 2nd position.

Thank you

Lynn Lein

Spring Prairie Town Board



[email protected]