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Curbside Trash Collection of both garbage and recycling occurs every week on Tuesdays in the majority of the Town, including the larger population areas of Paradise Valley and Honey Lake. Wednesday is collection day for the area roughly bounded by Lyons/North Road to the west, Potter Road to the north, the county line to the east and the Town line to the south, although residents along Potter Road will have Tuesday collection.

Curbside trash collection began for all households in the Town of Spring Prairie on January 1, 2019. The Town has contracted with ASDA Enterprises, Inc. of Burlington to provide this service. The annual cost of the trash collection will be $210 and will be added as a Special Charge on all tax bills for property where there is a working kitchen sink. Properties that have more than one unit (more than one kitchen) will be assessed for all units having a working kitchen sink. Properties that have more than one house will be assessed for each house. Properties that have buildings, but do not have working kitchen sinks, will not be assessed for trash collection and will not receive the service.

Pickup will be on Tuesdays (unless otherwise notified) beginning January 1, 2019. ASDA will deliver recycling bins to all households. Current ASDA customers will receive one additional bin; new customers will receive 2 bins. Each household must provide their own garbage containers, up to six (6) 32-gallon garbage cans (approx. 1 cubic yard) will be collected each week. Recycling will be collected each week and ASDA will provide a list of items acceptable for recycling with the bins.

Garbage and recycling must be placed at the curb by 6 a.m. on the designated pick-up day. If you are unable to place your items at the curb, you can call ASDA directly to arrange for side-door pick-up. Side door pick up is a service available to the elderly and disabled at no cost. Side door pick up is available to other customers for a nominal charge at the discretion of ASDA Enterprises, Inc. Customers with long driveways can contact ASDA directly for side door or garage pickup as well.

Up to 12 large items per year, defined as, but not limited to, sofas, mattresses, tables, doors, non-metal items, Christmas trees, pumpkins, bagged yard waste, etc., will be accepted for collection weekly. Construction materials will be collected (no shingles) as long as they are placed in the regular garbage cans.

Appliances will be picked up on a separate day, but you will need to call ASDA in advance to schedule the pickup. There is no charge for appliances. Televisions and computer monitors can also be scheduled for pick-up but will incur a charge of $35 per item, payable directly to ASDA. Up to 12 auto/truck tires will be accepted for pick-up at a cost of $5 each, off of the rim. Commercial truck tires will be $25 each, off of the rim, and must be cut into four (4) pieces for handling by the driver. Tires on rims will not be picked up.

ASDA and the Town have agreed that properties using ASDA dumpsters will receive a discount on dumpster service costs equal to the cost of curbside collection assessed on the tax bill. It is the understanding of the Town that customers who are currently under contract to another hauler for a dumpster are able to void their current contract due to the institution of mandatory curbside pickup throughout the town, if they so choose. The same agreement with ASDA for a discount on dumpster service will also be available to all new customers.

If a holiday falls on your normal collection day, pickup will occur one day later.”